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Chapter 20

One Possible Future

“The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

Before I reveal to you my 100% accurate forecast of the future, enabling you to survive and even thrive by following my uncanny ability to peek around fate’s blind corners, I will address the number one question critics often ask regarding my powers of prognostication.

That question is, “What makes you qualified to predict the future, over… say… a chimpanzee blindly throwing its own dung at a dartboard?”

My critics have always been harsh.

But in answer to my detractors, I’ll compare my insight to that of the many experts who have given mankind clear and concise forecasting in the past; men who have boldly looked into their crystal balls, used their advanced college degrees, their uncanny wisdom, and God-like intuition to bestow upon us the following sage and perspicacious revelations.

  • In 1903, the president of Michigan Savings Bank warned Henry Ford’s lawyer, Horace Rackham to protect his money. “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad,”

  • Along the same vein, Junius Morgan advised, “Electricity is just a fad.” after his son J.P. Morgan had hired Thomas Edison to wire up his mansion, making it the first private residence in New York to have electric lighting.

  • Waldemar Kaempffert, science editor of the New York Times and owner of the world’s most tragic name, wrote in 1950 of “Miracles You’ll See In The Next Fifty Years.” He described the life and chores of a future housewife named Jane Dobson: “When Jane cleans house, she simply turns the hose on everything. Why not? Furniture, rugs, draperies, floors—all are made of synthetic fabric or waterproof plastic. After the water has run down a drain in the middle of the floor (later concealed by a rug of synthetic fiber), Jane turns on a blast of hot air and dries everything.”

  • 20th Century Fox kingpin Darryl Zanuck sniffed at the idea of TVs keeping people out of the movie theater. In 1946, he predicted, “Television won’t be able to hold on to any market it captures after the first six months. People will soon get tired of staring at a plywood box every night.”

  • Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft prophesied in 2007, “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

These predictions, along with so many more, cast by the experts of their day, have given rise to a completely new definition of the term “expert” as meaning, “a former drip under pressure” (ex-spurt).

So now, I deign to take my place alongside these wise, educated, and all-knowing ex-spurts who have so accurately predicted the future in times past.

Remembering that there is no fate but what we make; but also recognizing the human tendency toward normalcy bias, avoiding uncomfortable change, and the relentless cow-towing to fear peddled by the media, this is the future I foresee in the very near term and into the next decade.

Are you ready?

You’re so not ready but here we go…

  • One or more of the 13 missiles will soon breach our defenses and cause a catastrophic ECONOMIC CRASH in the U.S., whether another mortgage crisis like 2008, escalated WAR in the Ukraine, Taiwan, or the Middle East, a series of NATURAL DISASTERS, hackers using TECHNOLOGY to crash the system, or another VIRAL outbreak. This will lead to massive job layoffs, poverty, hunger, despair, etc.

  • Supply chains completely break down amid non-payment of workers, criminal activity, and/or war/virus/natural disaster.

  • Banks will literally close to the public and access to your money severely curtailed or

denied completely. The government may even confiscate your savings in order to continue paying law enforcement/public service salaries and keep utilities running. Yes, this is legal (look it up) and known as a bank “bail-in”. It’s already taken place in Europe in 2013.

  • Crime will skyrocket and gang activity will increase, spilling outside of major cities and rumbling to a suburb near you. Robberies occur on the daily, as violence and corruption escalate. As police forces endure war-like conditions amid little pay, cops disappear and justice is nowhere to be found – think Juarez, Mexico.

  • In time, the home mortgages of most Americans will default and go back to the banks due to non-payment of loans or delinquent taxes. Citizens are told they can remain in their homes until the government can figure things out. Food and water are another matter altogether. Get it where you can and pray you’re not robbed, assaulted, or murdered for it.

  • Now, let’s talk about the mindset of the average person during this time. In the midst of this debacle, two major emotions are going to wash over us all like a tidal wave: ANGER and DESPAIR. These tides are already rising as I write. You can see and hear the first waves rolling in. Do you feel like automobile drivers seem to have shorter tempers and are driving with riskier behavior these days? 2022 data bears that out. Patience is being exhausted. Timely and courteous service is breaking down. Conspiracy theories abound. Drug abuse is going through the roof as people feel they have nothing in the future to look forward to. Unfortunately, suicides are going to skyrocket under the scenario I’m describing. We in the west aren’t used to living in adversity. We’ve been spoiled rotten for nearly a century. Most people, especially the young, will choose to “check out” of life rather than endure hardship. You can already see it happening. Those who watch the ultra-rich continue to live as if nothing has changed are going to be livid, rioting, vandalizing, protesting, and stealing everything they can in the name of equal justice. The victims, unfortunately, won’t be the rich, it will be the vulnerable poor and elderly who can’t afford to pay security to protect them. The angry mobs will only increase the despair of their victims, leading to an ever-growing feedback loop of misery. And if you think I jump out of bed every day, realizing the full implications of all that’s about to take place, and it doesn’t affect my emotional wellbeing, you would be wrong. Let’s continue…

  • After a few months or so of this chaos, people beg the government to step in, take control, and restore order by declaring martial law.

  • The government agrees to restore order using the military and National Guard on the condition that all citizens relinquish their firearms in order to avert civil war and/or

domestic TERRORISM. Those now living freely in their now-bank-owned-homes must sign documents, basically pledging their allegiance to The State. Those who do not comply will be prosecuted along with the thieves, murderers, gang members and criminals who took part in America’s extended crime-spree.

  • As the dollar implodes, a digital currency will be introduced, allowing The Fed to gain access to all of American’s money they haven’t already commandeered. Those who comply with government regulations will receive a Guaranteed Basic Income that will allow for little more than survival. And while those who are obedient will have access to a few paltry crumbs from Big Brother, those who do not comply, who engage in “wrong-think”, who seek to spread “misinformation”, or attempt to subvert the will of The State, will be branded as criminals, having their funds, resources and homes confiscated.

  • Those refusing to follow a long list of new government regulations, infringing severely on the freedom of citizens, will also be prosecuted – Think China. In an effort to avoid a repeat of The Great Crime Spree, and striving to become a completely safe society, freedom as we once knew it will become a charming relic of the past.

  • Hunting, fishing, collecting water, and growing your own food will be outlawed. The government will take care of all your needs. Any storing of extra food or resources will be seen as criminally selfish hoarding and unfair to those faithful citizens who rely solely on The State.

  • You, your family, and neighbors will be recruited to keep tabs on non-compliers. All those who acted as Covid Mask Nazis in 2020 will have finally reached their Utopia, gleefully turning in “evil-doers” with a sense of public duty and pride.

  • After things have settled down, citizens will be informed that they are to be moved out of their bank-owned-homes and into government housing, which will take the form of huge skyscrapers filled with tiny studio apartments. Very efficient. These will be located in the center of the country and away from coasts, major rivers, and forests in an effort to curb planetary eco-destruction and enable the state to “better protect” a centralized population. Those who do not comply will be apprehended or disappear.

  • Farther into the future, the planet will ultimately be divided into two camps: regular humans and enhanced humans. Enhanced humans will include people who have computer chips implanted in their brain and other various enhancements, allowing them to live longer, be stronger, think faster, and maintain better health. Of course, this will only be available to those with the funds to afford such enhancements and who completely comply with the rules of The State.

  • In the far-future, the ultimate goal for many will be to avoid death completely. By placing a copy of their mind, 100% genetically mapped and 3D printed onto the latest computer chip, they can implant a perfect working-model of their brain inside a robotic body and basically live as long as they desire. Having reached the next stage of human evolution, they won’t even need oxygen, food, or water to survive. They’ll be super-strong, super-fast, with the ability to think and access information like a computer.

  • How this highly advanced, next gen, superhuman/robot is going to treat old, weak, stupid, regular humans isn’t clear. Let’s just say that, knowing our history, I’m not hopeful for a happy ending under this scenario. Maybe, in an ironic twist, the first people to fully develop the technology will be American Indians who decide to reverse-genocide all whites, forcing them all to flee back to Northern Europe.

  • Furniture, rugs, draperies, and floors will all be made of synthetic fabric or waterproof plastic and cleaned with a garden hose. After the water has run down a drain in the middle of the floor, Jane will turn on a blast of hot air and dry everything.

  • Even with Josh Allen playing well into his 70’s, the Buffalo Bills will still have not won a Super Bowl.


Sorry, folks. This is the way I see it going down. The wolves win. I have very little trust in western civilization’s ability to fight for their own future. Too few resources, too little organization, too little will to live in freedom or to live at all for that matter.

I’m preparing to get myself to the crime spree section of the future, fight for my resources with a group of likeminded individuals and when Big Brother steps in and says, “Get on the train, we’re moving you out”, I’ll make my decision based on circumstances then.

I am fighting to change that future by using the small amount of gifts and resources I possess to warn and prepare people. I just don’t have much hope, as the cattle aren’t really listening, are divided by multiple narratives, refuse to organize, and are running off in ones and twos to the hills.

I think most preppers who choose the wilderness option will end up eventually die out due to dwindling resources or be used as live target practice for Special Forces. It’ll serve the cowards right for disappearing underground when we needed them most!

The only light I see here is that this is just ONE possible future out of many.

You wanna stick around to flip this gruesome script?

Keep reading…

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