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13 Missiles Of The Apocalypse - Chapter 3



We’re done pussyfooting around. Let’s get through this horrifying list of craziness, then give each missile its own chapter before moving on to some useful answers regarding how to prepare for the possible damage these life-bombs could inflict.

And by the way, if you want to skip the disasters and move straight to the prepping solutions, you’re welcome to do just that.

You’ll find the light at the end of this dark tunnel begins in chapter 19. I will warn you however, the prepping solutions will make a lot more sense if you’ve actually studied the problems.

Either way is fine with me. Ready? Go!


I’m going to break natural disasters down into three major categories: Celestial Natural Disasters, Terrestrial Natural Disasters, and my dating life

(rim-shot). “Thank you. Thank you. I’ll be here all weekend. Please tip your waitress…

Let’s stick with the first two, sound fair? OK…

The word “celestial” means, “things related to the sky, the heavens, outer space.”

Asteroids, meteors, and comets, oh my!

We all know it only takes one giant space rock to destroy a good party. That’s a no-brainer. Ask the dinosaurs. But did you know that in 1859, there was an intense celestial event that caused fires on earth and the complete failure of thousands of telegraph stations across Europe and North America?

Thank the stars (pun intended) there were very few electrical devices around back then. An event of that magnitude today would cause widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts, and nationwide catastrophe due to extended outages of the power grid. We’ll talk about that event in chapter 5 and how to prepare for it.

Moving along… if the term “celestial” means above the earth then “terrestrial” must mean “of earth”. Man, we’re smart! I dare you to try using the word “terrestrial” in a sentence today as you’re talking with a friend or family member.

Our first terrestrial problem has become a topic of great debate. Some claim it’s a hoax. Others say the problem isn’t being given enough attention. If you guessed Climate Change… you’re getting… warmer… (say that sentence in a Dr. Evil tone, please). Chapter 5 will discuss the reality of the problem.

But that’s just one potential calamity down here on earth. There’s another time bomb currently ticking within the confines of Yellowstone National Park. Yes, this bomb could make the Dutton Ranch disappear faster than a Wyoming land developer on steroids carrying a briefcase full of money.

And let’s not forget the smaller “acts of God” such as earthquakes, tsunamis, forest fires, blizzards, floods, landslides, power outages, etc. You really should be prepared for these natural disasters. They aren’t just some abstract hypotheses that may or may not wreak havoc in the future. They occur on the regular, killing thousands every year.

But we must move on. Quickly! Quickly! So much negative energy to plow through before we reach the light at the end of the tunnel!


Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I hate people!” If you have, you are just gonna love chapters 6 and 7. I’m going to talk about the two forces currently ruling humanity’s collective

psyche that are leading us to the literal annihilation of our own race. Why would we do that? Let’s just say if humans were Vulcans and used our minds in a logical way, we’d be much better off… but we aren’t and we don’t…

You’re also going to love the way I argue

that it’s probably too late to change course. All we can do now is prepare for the fallout of humankind’s final insanity.

How’s that for a day-brightener? You’re welcome!


Those pesky freedom fighters! Why can’t they just learn to appreciate the way the U.S. bombs their families, levels their homes, steals their natural resources, destroys their livelihoods, deposes their legally elected leaders, corrupts their morals, e

ntrenches their country in hopeless debt, disrespects their religion, enslaves t

heir children, and completely ruins their way of life?

Because they hate freedom!

That’s what George W. Bush told us, anyways…

And these nasty, terrible, third-world farmers are always trying to pee on Uncle Sam’s Cheerios by hijacking airplanes, taking hostages, shooting at our soldiers, infiltrating our wide-open southern border, smuggling drugs to make money to further their terrorist

mission of stopping the U.S. from killing their kids…


Just a few key stories out of hundreds of possible terrorist threats will be covered in chapter 8…

1. Introduction to the ingenious computer virus the U.S. used to take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Guess what? That ingenious virus has now been copied by Iranian hackers, altered to work even better, and will soon be used against us. Get ready for the lights to go out.

2. Did you know backpack nukes were a thing? Apparently, they are. And 84 of them are missing from Russia. Go ahead. Google it. I’m sure those filthy goat herders would never even dream of smuggling a few of these “city-killers” into the U.S. And if they did attempt this, how could they ever hope to penetrate our airtight southern border security?

The main message here is this. If you’re an American, or look like an American, a lot of extremely pissed-off people in the world are literally trying to kill you. Yes. You.


I spoke of backpack nukes earlier but, let’s face it, taking out New York or LA LA Land, as horrific as that would be, is a mere firecracker compared to an all-out nuclear conflict between, say the US vs. Russia, or Europe vs. Russia, or the US vs. China, or India vs. Pakistan, or India vs. China or China vs. Russia, or Iran vs. Israel, or North Korea vs. South Korea, or North Korea vs. everybody else in the world. You get it…

What truly frightens me is the ease in which world leaders these days throw around threats of pushing the nuclear button.

In Chapter 9 we’ll discuss the subject of what you were doing on September 26th, 1983. Whatever it was, you were unwittingly 5 minutes away from suffering thr

ough a nuclear holocaust due to a malfunctioning nuclear early warning system in the USSR. One man in the Soviet Union saved us all from a horrific fate. You really should send this guy a thank-you card. Can this terrifying malfunction happen again? Uhhh… that was actually the 2nd time it’s happened…

5. EMP

If you’ve seen The Matrix movies (hopefully not the 4th one), you’ll know that an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) can completely shut down the electrical generating capacity of any machine. This isn’t just science fiction, it’s a real thing.

And the easiest way to produce an EMP blast large enough to completely take down America’s electrical grid is to explode a nuclear device somewhere over our territory.

Let’s just say that Russia or North Korea or Iran or China or a terrorist group should use such a bomb and launch it into the lower stratosphere over our Gulf Coast. A few seconds after detonation, you can kiss all electricity in the U.S. goodbye for nearly a year. That’s not me exaggerating to sell books, an official panel of the U.S. Government put together in 1997 has declared this as fact.

I’ll go into detail in this chapter about what that year would look like.

Hint: millions of unprepared people die.

The possibility of this happening is so probable, that countries from China to Russia, South Korea to South Africa have hardened their electrical grids against an EMP attack. Guess which country hasn’t? USA! USA! USA!

6. WAR

What is it good for? If you said, “Absolutely nothing”, you’re dead wrong.

War is great for making billions of dollars for the military-industrial complex, implementing global control over large populations, killing people and their pesky ideas of freedom, and breaking lots of expensive stuff, causing that stuff to need repaired and replaced at the cost of billions of dollars. Who repairs and replaces all this broken stuff after wars? Due to governmental constraints, I’m not really at liberty to say, but I’ll give you a hint; it rhymes with Shmilitary Shindustrial Shomplex.

In conclusion, as a wise woman once wrote, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” In Chapter 11, I’ll delve into the 100% probability of the next war (now called Business Opportunities) and where it's most likely to take place.


Once upon a time, a group of billionaires and power brokers all got together in fancy-schmancy places like Davos, Switzerland, Telluride, Colorado and Bohemian Grove, California to share ideas on how they could control absolutely everything and absolutely everybody.

After a session of dancing naked in the forest and drinking the blood of virgin peasants, their planning sessions would always boil down to hoarding huge quantities of wealth and resources for themselves, while leaving little or none for the commoners, or “cattle” as the elites call them.

Manipulating Wall Street had grown boring and predictable, as well as selling the cattle addictive foods, alcohol, pain meds, and sugary beverages, turning them into obese, lethargic addicts. Sure, this was fun, but now they wanted to go for the grand slam. They wanted it ALL.

So, they came up with a brilliant idea. Since they already owned every politician in Washington DC, they made a plan to completely drain the swamp (of its money).

They reasoned that, “All we have to do to in order to get away with the complete theft of trillions of dollars is to name the looting something noble like, “The CARES Act” or “The American Rescue Plan”, “The Covid Bailout Plan”, “Aid to Ukraine”, “The Government Funding Plan”, or my personal favorite, “The Inflation Reduction Act” (fighting inflation by printing money). Isn’t it amazing how much you can steal from the cattle as long as you label it something inspiring?

Now, obviously, the working population’s economy will only be able to withstand so much burglary before it collapses. The ever-shrinking portion of wealth allocated to them will simply no longer be enough after the Elite have completely sucked it dry.

And where will the cattle go once every last penny has been stripped from their savings, their retirement, their homes, and property?

“Why, they’ll go anywhere we want them to go…” Insert diabolical laughter here and fade to black.


Although it’s slightly more complicated than that, it’s not much more complicated than that. The grotesque inequalities we see in our system today point to the damning disparities of over-the-top greed by those who clearly have more than they could ever possibly need. But apparently, they need more.

While the “Top G’s” are driving $700,000 Lamborghinis and living in 50-million-dollar homes, roughly half the world’s population lives on less than $3 per day. That would be truly sad if it weren’t for the fact that you may soon be joining them.

And The New Robber Barons lived happily ever after.


Our scene opens with a man in a tracksuit breathing heavily, leaning against a building with one hand on the bricks, holding his exhausted body upright as he tries to catch his breath…

Pant… pant… cough… sputter… pant … OK, OK, I need a halftime break from the depressing madness of living as a post-modern human being on planet earth. Just gimme a minute to catch my breath and we’ll continue.

It’s emotionally exhausting living on this dangerous planet we’ve created, isn’t it? It’s not enough to be forced to fight against nature for survival, we also gotta fight each other? And who invited all the assholes to this party anyways?

Whenever I grow tired of thinking about the dark and dangerous future, I go back to one of my all-time favorite family movies. An endearing melodrama that portrays a single mom who has a dream, and after much struggle, she finally meets the right man to help raise her wayward son into the successful community leader he was always meant to be.

Terminator 2.

In one heartwarming scene, as mom wakes from her overly-graphic, slow motion dream of a nuclear holocaust set off by a rogue A.I. program, she sets off alone to eradicate the scientist who’s currently working to bring this A.I. project online.

“There is no fate but what we make…” she remembers her baby-daddy saying.

So, she decides she’s gonna change the future by killing an innocent person working on this project.

I'm no firearms expert, but I believe her weapon of choice is a Colt Commando CAR-15 with a scope and silencer, and her sidearm is a Detonics SpeedMaster 1911 .45 caliber with Pachmayr grips and a custom barrel extension.

She’s so passionate about her dream! You gotta love her “can-do” energy! You go, girl!

With her son and new boyfriend racing madcap after her, she ultimately realizes that killing this poor scientist isn’t the answer. There will always be one more person to kill. This approach simply turns YOU into the problem!

So, they make a better plan which sort of works in the short term and blah, blah, blah… an angel gets its wings, etc., etc…

“There is no fate but what we make…”

What I’m saying is, although our world is a dangerous mess at the moment, none of the horrible scenarios in the last chapter are set in stone. We can work to create something better (hopefully without killing anyone).

But we must get off our couches, get out into the community, and actually begin performing the “work” part.

“There is no fate but what we make…”


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