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13 Missiles of The Apocalypse - Chapter 4

OK, you’ve had your break. Let’s all get back onto the Pain Train with missile number 8. Hurry up! We’re leaving the station!


If I were forced to bet on only one way that we humans end ourselves, “gain of function research” would be my top bet, followed closely by A.I. running amok.

Maybe A.I. running amok and performing gain of function research…

What can I say about viruses that hasn’t already been said? It seems the “Wuhan lab-leak conspiracy theory” regarding Covid-19 wasn’t a conspiracy theory after all. The majority of evidence now points to the fact that the virus escaped a lab in China. A lab that was performing gain of function research. Funny how those “conspiracy theories” are often based in truth…

Gain of function research is the process of scientists working on slightly deadly viruses that are known to spread easily in humans. What they’re trying to accomplish is to transform the virus into a much deadlier pathogen with a much greater capacity to spread more easily.

“WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD ANYBODY DO THAT??!!”, you ask? A fair question IMO. Especially after 2020. Scientists have to science, I guess…

But that’s just one issue looming around our apocalyptic corner. What about Superbugs? No, Superbugs isn’t the latest Space Jam movie. Superbugs are killer viruses and fungi and such that have grown completely immune to antibiotics.

The problem is growing so enormous, doctors worldwide are worried that if we don’t find some way to stop these Superbugs, we won’t be able to open anyone up on an operating table without risking their death. The slightest cut or incision could possibly lead to an infection you’d never recover from. The death toll from Superbugs is currently 1.2 million annually and rising. I’m sure everything will be OK though… right…?

And I know what you’re thinking, “If only we could find a way to make these Superbugs even more deadly!”

I wish that were a joke, but… they’re working on it. Godammit!


When I think of famine (and I rarely do), I usually picture burlap bags of rice being thrown off a dusty U.N. military truck outside of some dilapidated excuse for a village in the middle of the desert. It’s an African thing, right?

But the famine we’re already beginning to experience isn’t about food, and it’s taking place all around the world, not just Africa.

It’s about something even more precious than food (if you can imagine that). It’s about drinking water.

It seems that big cities such as Sao Paulo Brazil, Mexico City, Beijing, New Delhi, Miami, San Diego, and Las Vegas just to name a few are drinking themselves underground. Cities are literally sinking due to their water table being sucked dry.

For coastal cities, what little water is left below ground is now being polluted by salt water from the nearby ocean. Ouch.

Water Wars may be the “wave” of the future. We’ll see Northern African countries fighting over the dwindling Nile River, India and Pakistan fighting over the gasping Ganges-Brahmaputra, Turkey, Syria and Iraq battling for the once mighty Tigris-Euphrates, and about seven US states and Mexico quarreling over the Colorado River.

Add to that the fact that fertilizer supply is dwindling due to war, that small farms are being shut down by governments in an effort to appease global warming, and the biggest owner of farmland in the US today is a guy who wants us all to eat insects, pea burgers and fungus steaks.

Come to think of it… famine ain’t sounding so bad.


Flakka, Krokidil, Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone.

In 2018, there were roughly 70,000 drug related deaths in the US.

In 2021 there were over 104,000. Why is drug use skyrocketing?

The estimated cost of drug abuse in the United States – including both legal and illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco – is more than $740 billion a year and growing. Substance abuse in the U.S. increases healthcare costs, promotes criminal activity, and lowers overall

productivity. It also destroys families, communities, and the lives of the addicted.

Why isn’t our government doing anything meaningful to curb drug abuse, drug smuggling, or drug sales?

Just as alarming, what substance are most parents feeding their kids everyday that’s even more addictive than cocaine?

What we’re seeing today is the literal fulfillment of Aldous Huxley’s dystopian sci-fi novel, “Brave New World”. A population so drug-addled they no longer care about anything or anyone anymore. Easier to control that way.

How did we get to this place? What can be done about it, and what’s the next drug coming down the pike that may spell the end for modern civilization?


A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics are amazing. A.I. is a potentially life-saving tool that may completely eradicate disease on one hand while also ending human-to-human warfare on the other. A.I. will be capable of preserving the minds of our loved ones as well as society’s greatest intellectuals and leaders. It’s already making business processes easier and more profitable, while leading humankind to think in completely new ways, opening doors to ideas we haven’t even thought of yet.

A.I. will also create chaos worldwide when used for deviant purposes (and it will be) and will most likely replace us as a species in 1 of 2 ways (we’ll discuss that later).

But that’s just one possibility of technology going rogue.

Nuclear fission and biotechnology are great ways to further humanity’s progress, but today there are scenarios where a lone actor sets off a nuclear bomb or starts another global pandemic by releasing a new Super Virus, leading to the use of worldwide digital surveillance (another new technology) of every person to preserve the safety of those who remain, leading to pushback of the population and further terrorism, war, and violence.

Yes, technology has been good to us, but I think the Amish may have the best idea when it comes to the preservation of Homo sapiens. What say you?


How much do we actually know about the universe? .0000001%? That would be a huge number compared to what mankind truly perceives beyond our tiny planet’s atmosphere. We haven’t even discovered everything that lies beneath our own oceans or what lies at the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

Are we the products of a God? Of aliens with technologies so far beyond ours that they appear to be gods? Are we created by design or by random chance? Are we the first civilization to appear on earth or the 101st? Is someone watching us, ready to intervene should we stray too close to annihilation, or are we on our own in the cold vacuum of a gargantuan and indifferent universe?

Some believe we’re simply the result of a computer simulation; that the largeness of outer space is simply a way to keep us ants trapped inside our digital playpen.

What I’m saying is, as dangerous as the first 11 missiles are, they may all amount to nothing compared to the power that lies beyond our knowing.

And how does one prepare for the unknown? There is a best practice for this scenario. I’ll share it with you in chapter 17.

You’re welcome…


Linked closely to technology and human nature is the idea of evolution. Trans-humanism is what all the cool kids are talking about these days; humans incorporating themselves with computers and robots. It’s the next step up the evolutionary ladder.

We’ll discuss why Elon Musk says this new idea will be unavoidable in the very near future, and how he’s already developed a brain chip through his Neuralink program.

I have 2 vitally important questions we’ll discuss in this chapter: 1) If I have a computer running my brain, can someone hack into it without my knowledge and control my thinking, or even shut it off completely? 2) Let’s say I have trust-issues and I want to remain a good ol’ 100% biological stupid human; throughout history, what has happened to the vast majority of tribes and civilizations that fell significantly behind other humans technologically? You can see my best-guess answer to this last question by reading the title of chapter 18.

After Chapter 18, we’ll stop focusing on the problems and begin discussing the means to living your best life amid the lightning-quick changes taking place in our culture today.

In Chapter 19, titled START HERE OR DIE A SLAVE, I put forth the life-saving idea that fast changing times require a different mindset than we’ve had in the past. Will you be able to adapt? If you can’t, the chapter title basically spells out your future.

But don’t worry, for those of you stuck in the past, there’ll be plenty of “that’s-the-way-I’ve-always-been-and-I-ain’t-changing” skeptics to join you on your one-way trip to Hades; folks still trying to sell 8-track tapes out of the trunk of their Chevy Malibu, the wagon-wheel makers, the harpoon throwers, the VHS repairmen…

This battle won’t go to the strong, it will go the quick; the light of feet, the movers and adapters. As agent Gerry Lane once said, “Movimiento es vida.”


So, there you have ‘em. 13 ways our tiny, blue spaceship (and its passengers) could quickly be erased from the galaxy.

Now, lemme axe you a quession… after reading this far, do these “doomsday preppers” seem so crazy to you now? Well, ok… some of the very special ones still seem nutty as a squirrel turd, but that’s beside the point.

Let’s get the spotlight off the kooks and focus on the most important character in this passion play.


When it comes to you living in this crazily fast-paced, apocalyptic rat race…

Could your priorities maybe use a little adjustment? Might it be time to hedge your bets toward an either/or future rather than simply a 100% positive one? Should you be making an effort at moving a few of your resources toward preparation?

Maybe you need more convincing. You may be thinking, “He’s just making this shit up! Over-exaggerating to sell books! I’M NOT LISTENING!”

I don’t blame your skepticism. There are metric tons of farfetched, preposterous, end of the world bullshit out there; nothing more than clickbait designed to bring in a few bucks for some anonymous YouTube poster living in mom’s basement.

And that’s what chapters 5 through 18 are about. I’ll go into more detail on each missile with fully documented sources. I’ve left the fluff out and kept the facts in; nothing from Q, the Flat Earth Society, Captain Conspiracy, or The Church of Chen Tao (who may still be waiting for God to show up in his spaceship).

Of course, the whole “reading part” is up to you.

And as I mentioned earlier, if you are fully convinced that maybe you should begin preparing for a catastrophic future event but don’t know where to start, you can go straight to chapter 20 and begin your prepping journey.

There’s also a final chapter where I’ll discuss the corrosive attitude so prevalent among the cattle (I mean dearly loved masses of people) today which is, “Why should I even care?”

Many today are saying, “If the .1% of the wolves in our society want to eradicate our old way of life in favor of a newer one, taking me out in the process, oh well. I had a good run. Nothing I can do to stop it. Not worth going to war over or getting upset about. Now, leave me alone and let me get back to the telly (as they say in jolly old England)…”

What can I say? There are more than a few days I feel the same way!

However, if lethargy has taken up residence in your life on a 24/7 basis, maybe this final chapter is where you need to start.

In that chapter, I’ll go over 6 reasons why this malaise has taken hold of an entire generation and more importantly what you can do to wake from your slumber and begin truly living; experiencing the world as it was meant to be.

That’s all I have for the time being. Now, off you go. You’ve got some reading to do!


One of the last words I used in chapter 4 was lethargy. Lethargy can be defined as a lack of energy and enthusiasm for life, a pathological state of sleepiness or deep unresponsiveness and inactivity.

Not to give away too much from chapter 24 of the book, entitled, I REALLY DON’T CARE THAT MUCH, but one of the six reasons given for the state of deep lethargy that resides in today’s average citizen is a sense of doom and despair brought on by apocalyptic messages and books just like this!

You’ve just waded through 13 excuses to give up hope for the future. But let me continue to remind you that the term apocalypse does not speak toward massive doom; rather, it’s a message of massive change!

As an example, in my back yard I have a garden. Every year, I grab a shovel and stick the steel blade deep into the ground,

turning the soil to get rid of the weeds before I plant the veggie seeds. The violent process of turning the soil always kills and injures many earthworms, creating a garden-wide worm-pocalypse!

Even though it’s a horrible day for many earthworms, the large percentage survive and begin to thrive in a new world. Manure, compost and leaves are lavished upon them (which they love) and they grow fat and spoiled in their newly decadent digs.

Creative destruction at its finest. The goddess Kali would be proud.

The lessons to be learned from this annual bloodletting are multiple:

· The fact that the earth didn’t quake yesterday guarantees nothing today. Denial has saved no worm.

· If you wanna survive, you gotta dig deep before the shovel falls.

· Once the SHTF, you’d better be light on your feet and move quickly.

· Once the dust clears, those who were ready are often rewarded multiple times over.

· Lethargy and idleness often lead to pain and destruction

In short, knowing that the future may become somewhat dangerous and challenging is no excuse to give up and give in to a life of listlessness.

On the contrary, it should spur you into action; into becoming a smarter, healthier, wiser person, able to withstand the stones and arrows life throws at you, standing tall and making your way to the rewards sitting on the other side of nature’s creative destruction.

Now, get moving, prepper!

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