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Chapter 7 - Cows With Guns

Chapter 7

“We will fight for bovine freedom,

We will hold our large heads high,

We will run free with the buffalo - or die!

Cows with guns…”

Dana Lyons

If you haven’t heard the 1995 song, “Cows With Guns”, drop this book, immediately, log onto YouTube, and listen to the cartoon version. It’s very entertaining and will cause you to forget about all the horrendous things I’m talking about here.

Besides containing the best pun ever of “Cow Tse Tongue”, this song reminds me of the weekend warrior types who love to menacingly carry their AR-15’s in public, dress in camo, and drive their dirty 4-wheel drives to Walmart, sporting the “Don’t Tread on Me” sticker in the back windshield.

You know ‘em, you love ‘em…The Basket of Deplorables.

In my Wolves vs. Cattle analogy of chapter 6, these folks are literally “cows with guns".

Now, don’t get me wrong; there is power in a stampeding herd of cattle. And when that herd of cattle numbers in the tens of millions, all carrying semi-automatic weapons, the wolves best beware.

But guns and patriotic passion aren’t going to be enough for the cattle to wrest power away from the wolves. As dangerous as “cows with guns” might seem, the wolves possess four things that are much more valuable: 1) The means to divide, 2) The means to hoard power 3) a single vision, 4) the willingness to go to lengths the average cow wouldn’t dream of.

So, let’s look at item number one. The best way to stop a stampeding herd is to divide it into smaller sections; and I’m watching the elite-owned media working overtime to do just that.

Every other month or so, I go to the gym. And in front of the treadmill, they’ve hung a long line of TV’s so we can all be indoctrinated while we get fit. The treadmill I use has one TV broadcasting MSNBC to the left and another one broadcasting Fox News to the right – and yes, I immediately noticed the irony.

So, while I’m puffing away on the hamster wheel, the messages I get on the left hand TV are, “Trump said something stupid! Trump is a racist! Trump is a crook! Trump is a liar! Trump is evil! Trump is a narcissist! Trump is dumb and ugly! Trump farted at a cocktail party and it smelled of kipper and hubris. Oh yeah, there’s also a war going on in the Ukraine…”

While to the right I watch, “Biden is a puppet! Biden can’t speak English! Biden is incompetent! Biden seen shaking hands with nobody… again! Biden fell over… again! Kamala Harris’s cackling laugh set off a fire alarm at a grade school…”

When you see the messages broadcasted side by side like that, it clearly illustrates what’s going on. Unfortunately, 99% of the population stick to ONE news source and ignore all the others. Taking the time to sort out the truth between competing narratives would make the average cow’s head explode.

The media has got us all at each other’s throats. Men vs. Women, Gay vs. Straight, White vs. Black, Left vs. Right. This Religion vs. That Religion. Meanwhile, the wolves chuckle and do the real work of corrupt leadership which is to steal the cattle blind while we’re all arguing over a gay wedding cake.

We sit and watch the one-note-news, hating our neighbor, ever more fearful of opposing ideas, all while believing we’re fighting for change by voting for candidates who are both employed by the wolves!

And this is method 2 for controlling the cattle; hoard access to power.

Have you ever noticed how we only have TWO real choices for president every four years? And both choices are always, shall we say, less than desirable? In a country of over 350 million people, doesn’t that ever strike you as odd? These two corrupt clowns yelling at one another on TV represent our nation’s best and brightest?

No one votes FOR politicians anymore. It's more than likely we're voting AGAINST the other one. Think about how sad that is.

You see, what a good magician does is ask you to pick a card, fooling you into believing that you’re the one in control. What you don’t comprehend (because you’re a dumb cow) is that the card you’re picking is the exact card the magician wants you to pick. Hint: it ain’t magic, stupid.

In the same manner as the magician’s card trick, we lawfully voting cows, in an effort to change the power structure of our country, get to “choose” any candidate we want, meaning the top two candidates that the wolves supply to us.

As Roger Daltrey of “The Who” once sang, “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.”

But it gets even better! After all the hullabaloo, the posturing, the rhetoric, the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on advertising and image management, it doesn’t matter who is picked because whichever person we elect is basically a mouthpiece for the corporate interests who made his election possible!

What Willie Shakespeare said about life in general applies doubly to presidential elections, “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

So, divide and conquer, deny power, and then 3) meet every so often and compare notes. Create a single vision for the cattle. “OK, wolves, let’s all herd the cattle in the same direction.”

The elites love to hold exclusive and mysterious meetings every year in places like Davos, Switzerland, Telluride, Colorado, Istanbul, Denmark, etc. No press coverage allowed! But as one pundit said about these gatherings, “It’s not their top-secret meetings once a year I’m worried about, it’s what they’re doing to us the other 364 days.”

And this is why the cattle will never achieve power. Where are we meeting every year to discuss strategy? We leave all that to our beloved politicians… who are owned by…?

Besides, there are too many competing interests in the herd. “Let’s go this way! No, not that way; this way! We need to stand still! No, run! It’s against my religion to run!”

Good luck to anybody trying to herd the ten thousand different interests of the rabble. That’s why I sometimes even feel sorry for the wolves in their attempt to rule. Cows can be a pain in the ass! Poor wolves…

Lastly on our list of 4 advantages, the great majority of wolves are psycho/sociopaths.

What do I mean by this? Let’s investigate.

Those who suffer from antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) have no regard for others’ rights or feelings. They lack empathy and remorse for wrongdoings, and have the need to exploit and manipulate others for personal gain. Sound like any political leaders, business moguls or organized crime figures you might know?

The current belief is that in psychopathy, there’s an element of inheriting the illness genetically, while in sociopathy, there’s usually some childhood trauma to blame.

So, what we have at the top of the heap are the royalty of Europe, The Russian oligarchs, the Sicilian mob families, The Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Gettys in America, along with the newer power clans of the Bush’s, Clintons and Obama/Bidens. And some of the other criminal elements in society are almost as bad!

Now, how do you get to the top of the heap amid groups of power-hungry clans who all possess a win-at-any-cost mentality?

If you’re a sociopath, it means you can never relax. You live paranoid because other sociopathic power groups really ARE out to get you! You sleep lightly and not for very long. When you’re awake, you work and you work and you work. If you ever stop, you will be overtaken and swallowed.

Morals are a hindrance. A person who plays The Game with high morals is like the good-guy pro wrestler who gets his ass kicked for following the rules because the bad guy gets to cheat. But this isn’t pro wrestling, this is your life. So, morals are sacrificed for the sake of expedience. Lying becomes a second language and you speak it fluently.

You research and discover the best ways to cheat and not get caught. Cheating is simply achieving your goals through alternate means. People may get hurt by it, but not YOUR people. By the way, the best way to cheat is to make cheating legal through secret backdoor political agreements, midnight votes and hiding new laws from the public in 500,000-word omnibus bills.

The rules of common society do not apply to you. Rule following is for suckers and the weak. Your goals and dreams are bigger than the rules, bigger than morality. You will never pay for your actions unless you’re stupid and get caught in public, then you can literally buy your way out of your actions with the money you stole from the cattle.

You are served by the best attorneys, the best medical care, eat at the finest restaurants, drive the most luxurious cars, vacation in places reserved for wolves where you can spend your free time networking with power brokers and multi-millionaires, and most importantly, you’ll want to live far, far away from the teeming masses of ignorant peasants. In this world, crime DOES pay.

Now, let me ask you a question. Who the hell could ever compete with this person? In business? In athletics? In politics? In criminal enterprise? Nobody normal. Nobody who might want to take a day off to spend with their families, or to enjoy the scenery.

These are the exact personalities who ALWAYS make it to the top. They are relentless. They are goal oriented, and they don’t care about people. Any hint of charm or compassion is simply an act used to manipulate others into getting their way.

I don’t share this out of hatred or envy or malice of any sort. It is the way it is. Most of those at the top were driven there by demons that neither I nor the common cow are equipped to deal with.

I share this information for this reason only. I want you to know that when the shit hits the fan, you cannot depend on our current crop of national leaders to nobly reach out and lend you a helping hand.

These sociopaths will be long gone if the going truly ever gets tough. And they won’t hesitate to use you as a human shield should the bullets ever begin to fly.

That’s why I get so irritated when I hear people say, THEY won’t let our economy collapse.” THEY will be the reason it does collapse! Lehman Brothers, anybody? WorldCom? Enron? World history?

You are on your own in a dire emergency. You and whatever team you can gather around you. Help is not coming from “the man”, and if it does arrive, it will only exist to further exploit you.

But I’ve rambled on enough. If you truly believe your federal public servant or billionaire business has your best interest at heart, I don’t know what more I can say.

The inherent Fear and Greed of Human Nature is the second missile of the apocalypse; a missile responsible for most of the other missiles on the list. If we fear-driven cows don’t commit a mass genocide on our own, there’s a sociopathic leader out there who’s more than willing to finish the job for us.


“How can one of us be happy when all the other ones are sad?”

As long as we ignore the sage advice of the little African girl by clinging to our “winner takes all - king of the jungle” outlook on life, sociopaths will always rule over us. The cruel, the tyrannical, the manipulator, the ruthless. You know… winners.

While those who are overly-driven to perfection have given us great gifts, they’ve also brought us even greater calamities. We should be pitying the obsessed and the compulsively ambitious. We should be seeking help for their mental illness, not worshipping, lavishing money upon, and impowering them to run for office.

We need to build a system that rewards sharing, humility, compassion, love, empathy, and community. We need to begin valuing those who are willing to play small roles in a greater effort rather than constantly training the spotlight on the grasping and greedy sociopath.

In later chapters, I’ll give you more resources and ideas on making a positive impact in your community.

But it all boils down to this, the cattle need to be as willing to resist the wolves with force as the wolves are willing to use force against them. It's time for a generation of compassionate warriors to steadfastly resist and deconstruct the selfishness and greed that are destroying their world.

This is the human conundrum. While humans are capable of great acts of love, self-sacrifice, beauty, compassion and invention, we are also untrustworthy, self-destructive, violent, fearful, broken, and selfish.

In my opinion, betting on the good side of humanity to defeat the bad is a dangerous gamble. I've been wrong before and I hope I'm wrong here. History is definitely not on the side of those who hope for positive human outcomes but maybe a new generation can show us how it's done, bursting onto the world scene with the light of a new day. I remain hopeful but doubtful. This is why I prepare.

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