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It’s Time For Conspiracy Monday!

OK, Team Apocalypse! Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for.

Conspiracy Monday!

Every Monday from now 'til “The Big One” drops, I’ll share my conspiracy theories which you can feel free to comment on, disparage, support, or pooh-pooh...

One rule only. You can disagree, and I hope many of you do, but please do it in a respectful manner. Tempers can easily flare during conspiracy debates. I suggest you state your opinion along with any facts you may have and let it go at that. If you post links to sites, I’ll probably at least look at them briefly if not in full. We’re not trying to control people’s minds here, this is supposed to be just a fun mental exercise. We’ll see how many weeks this lasts before it devolves into verbal fist fights. I’m guessing three…

In the interest of respectful dialog, it really helps to start your sentence this way, “I’ve heard from this source that…” Or, “I read an article which said…”

This phrasing does two things 1) it’s honest. You READ something. It might be true or might be false. You READ it. It’s out there. It doesn’t mean the idea is not up for debate. Your life isn’t at stake regarding the authenticity of the story or idea. Secondly, it allows you yourself to realize that you READ it or HEARD it somewhere. It didn’t come from a cloud hovering over Mt Sinai or a burning bush. You could actually be… gulp… wrong… in believing some certain something. That’s OK.

When I get new information that contradicts my old information, and the new information proves reliable and true, guess what I do? I change my opinion or alter it somewhat. I dunno… what do you do in that situation?

So please, humility and respect go a long way in discussing the latest and greatest conspiracy theories.

Now, as we all know, conspiracies are exciting. They make us feel energized. We now possess secret knowledge that others don’t. We feel clever and well-informed. People who don’t believe us have GOT to be willfully blind or idiots or are obviously part of the conspiracy. However...

PLEASE NOTE! If your conspiracy is that “The Jews” are controlling the banking system, or that “The Blacks” are an alien race, or that “The Gays” are all Satanists, I’m not only UN-interested, the conversation thread is done and will be immediately deleted. The dark side of many conspiracy theories is that they can often lead to hate and violence against certain groups. I'm going to speak for my Team Apocalypse admins in saying these ideas are NOT WELCOME IN THIS GROUP! I’m sad that I even have to say that… but… there it is.

OK. And we’re back. Our main problem today is, with so much information out there, how can I tell the difference between real information and a fake-news conspiracy site?

Here are some helpful hints I’ve learned.

First, I’ve found that most (but not all) fake conspiracy videos on YouTube or other sites are accompanied by sinister music in the background and voiced by an extremely serious and deep-throated narrator (yeah I said deep-throated). So, if the video you’re watching is narrated by Vincent Price (RIP) ghoulishly laughing every 30 seconds, you might want to take it a little less seriously than your average news story.

Secondly, if something the conspiracy theorist says is going to happen on a certain date… doesn’t happen… That’s a clue.

To be fair, things DO sometimes change. One might predict a stock market collapse in 2007 that actually happens in 2008. That’s at least close. But if you predicted the 2nd coming of Jesus in 1988 or the end of the world in 2012? It might be time to give up on that theory... along with its prophet.

Along those lines, I honestly admit that I paid attention to the QAnon posts beginning in 2017. I was more than a little interested to see if any of these over-the-top predictions were true. But failed prediction by failed prediction, I can say clearly now that I’m not a Q believer. Q (who I have jokingly said is probably Barack Obama trolling the Right) has violated all 3 of the rules I’m giving here: 1) Overly-Sinister mood, 2) failed predictions, 3) no sources cited.

To back up my non-belief in Q, here are just a few (of many) of the failed predictions:

  1. Donald Trump would be inaugurated as president on March 4th, 2021

  2. Joe Biden would be arrested and executed as a traitor before his inauguration in January 2021. It’s also been reported by Q that the Joe Biden you’re seeing now is a fake and that Trump is actually running the country now as a shadow president. If that’s true, The Donald is doing a shitty job of it. LOWER MY GAS BILL, SHADOW DONALD!!!

  3. Hillary Clinton would be arrested and jailed over a nationwide child trafficking ring in October 2017.

  4. A large number of suicides would take place among Trump critics in February of 2018

  5. Mass arrests of Democrats were to take place in October of 2017. When that date passed, another date was given - December 5, 2018. Then, QAnon posters claimed mass arrests would occur on January 19, 2019. After the day in January 2019 passed without incident, QAnon simply moved on and claimed that “the storm” (arrest of satanic pedophiles) would take place on March 19 of that year. Didn't happen (in case you were wondering).

Sorry folks, I’m not a Q believer. I’ve stated my evidence (or lack thereof). Disagree if you will. I’m OK with that. We don’t all have to think in lockstep.

Lastly, fake conspiracy sites rarely give sources for their information. They just spit out a bunch of assertions that anger you or make you afraid. If any sources are quoted at all on a fake-news site, it usually comes from a “secret informer”, “high up” in the ranks of power. So, if you have no source for the information given in the video, post, or radio talk show, that’s a HUGE red flag.

Sadly, news reports from CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and other once-trusted sources are now participating in this anti-journalistic tactic which is absolutely disturbing. More than a few “news” reports are beginning to sound like this, “Some unknown person overheard another unknown person who heard the president make a phone call…” or “This person recollects that the person in question may have touched another person inappropriately at a party at an unspecified location held on a date they can’t recall…” Sadly, much of this middle school, rumor-mill propaganda is being put forth as news today, causing useful idiots to lap it up, get really angry, and march outside to break things and hurt people.

Then there’s Donald Trump who’s fond of using phrases like, “A lot of very intelligent people are saying what a great idea I put forth.” That’s not really a factual source citing technique right there.

Not to be outdone, President Biden often quotes “experts” he’s "talked to" who have informed him of special things like how a 9mm handgun is designed to blow the lungs out of a human body. Yowzah!

Not to be outdone in the misinformation tennis match is Fox News; two of the most famous examples (among so many) being Sean Hannity’s video footage purportedly showing large crowds at an Obamacare protest in 2009. The footage was doctored from Glenn Beck's much larger 9/12 rally, which had occurred two months earlier, and had been spliced in with the other shots. Hannity estimated 20,000 protesters were in attendance, the Washington Post estimated 10,000, and Luke Russert reported that three Capitol Hill police officers guessed "about 4,000". Hannity did apologize to his viewers for the error during his November 11, 2009 broadcast.

More recently, Fox News edited a 2021 Joe Biden video, removing context from remarks that could be judged as racially insensitive. The original video is your average confusing Biden-speak, but innocent in intent; Biden saying he had "adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, a pitcher in the Negro Leagues who went on to become a great pitcher in the pros in Major League baseball after Jackie Robinson, his name was Satchel Paige."

The Fox video was edited so Biden was heard saying he had "adopted the attitude of the great Negro at the time, pitcher, name was Satchel Paige."

Hey, Fox News? Joe doesn’t need your help when it comes to sounding racist. Just air the real news please without your fake and misleading editing.

So, how are we supposed to glean the small amount of truth out there amid the ocean of misinformation?

I’m not sure that you can with 100% accuracy.

This brings me to one of my conspiracy theories. Are you ready?

The theory is this. THEY want THIS; the confusion of what’s real vs. unreal. THEY want the waters muddied. THEY want us to give up searching for what’s true out of sheer exasperation. THEY don’t want us to know what’s real and what’s fake. THEY aren’t heeding Orwell’s warning against authoritarian tyranny in his book, “1984”, instead they’re using it as a blueprint.

One practice of the fictional Orwellian government in the novel "1984" is to get the population so confused that they stop asking questions and simply believe whatever the authorities tell them to believe.

IMO, we’re halfway there right now, folks! We’re basically down to just 2 sides asking zero questions of their chosen leaders and ready to take whatever orders come down from on high.

Now we just need one-half of you mindless drones to eliminate the other half and, voila’, the 1984 Utopia has arrived! This brings us to another principle of the "1984" tyrannical government, CONSTANT WAR.

My suggestion is that you do what so few have done today and actually read Orwell’s book

for yourself. Then, do 2 things; first, put yourself in the villain’s role, not the hero’s, and then ask yourself the following questions. Are you willing to deny freedom to others in order to advance your personal views? Are you willing to lie, or exaggerate issues in order to advance your personal views? If a candidate you voted for happens to have low moral character but advances your cause, is that OK with you? Are you willing to kill for your views if the murder advances a greater cause? If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you’re gonna be perfect in our soon-coming Orwellian Dystopia, no matter which side of the political aisle it comes from.

Then ask yourself something you may never have asked yourself before, “Could it be that MY political party is only using me, inflaming my passions and fears, to advance their agenda and gain power in a corrupt way?”

Rather than trying to eliminate your neighbor’s “evil” political party, why not try to weed the graft and corruption out of yours? That’s called a “paradigm shift” for those of you keeping score.

So I guess my first conspiracy is this; that there is a THEY.

World events, although sometimes random, are also being controlled and manipulated by a small group of rich and powerful people.

Do you believe in a THEY? Who are THEY? Are they good? Evil? Wise? Misguided?

I’ll talk about what I believe THEY are up to in later posts but for now, let’s simply discuss whether you believe in a THEY or not. If you don’t believe in a THEY, I’d REALLY like to hear why. That would be awesome. Put some thoughts together and please respond! I welcome new and different ideas. I believe they make us all wiser and better.

That's more than enough for now. I'm always happy to enrage as many folks as possible... if it gets you thinking.

Til next Monday - When it comes to conspiracies - I suggest you follow Steve Perry’s advice and… Don’t Stop Believing!

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